What You Want Featuring A.P Fres$h

What’s Good Fam? As you know we recently formed 1203musicgroup.com and as a result, my personal site has taken a slight back seat. Honestly, I was not writing all the post, and I was able to update here more often due to the assistance. I hope you all have been checking out the other site and seeing some of the dope content we have been releasing. Just in case you haven’t, just know I’ve been working very hard and will be releasing two projects in the upcoming months. Today, we are Releasing “What You Want” featuring A.P Fres$h. The track was produced by Buck Nasty and will be featured on the upcoming 1203 Music Group Compilation album. Like I said we have been working. In the future, expect more updates on this site now that I’ve been able to officially hand over the keys to 1203musicgroup.com. Make sure you check out the other site as well to follow other 1203 Music Group artist, visit the store, and there will be a DMV Corner page coming soon to keep you up to date with the happenings on the DMV Music Seen. I hope you all enjoy the song. This was ┬áthe first song recorded after 1203 Music Group became an official company and my first time working with Buck Nasty. For those of you who are still reading and didn’t go straight to the song, I am going to need a lot of help going forth. ┬áThe best thing you an do to help an artist is to spread the word. Sharing the music on social media, texting it to friend you think might enjoy it, or just mentioning it to someone who isn’t familiar could be the spark to make this take off. In the future I am really going to need your help to make things pop, and those are easy ways to help. You can listen to and download “What You Want” below. Thank you for your continued support and I hope you enjoy what we have coming up. It’s going to be hot this summer!

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