1203 Music Group Presents “We Different”


Over the last few weeks, we have been working to build the brand of 1203 Music Group. There have been multiple studio sessions, shows, networking events and video shoots. Last week in the studio, some footage was captured to shed some light on the future and what we are trying to do. With the development of http://www.1203musicgroup.com , resources have been shifted to build content on that site. As a result the post on here will not be as often. If you are a fan of June Dakid, you will love what’s going on with 1203 MG. Enjoy the update and be sure to check out the newest release from 1203 Music Group’s A.P Fre$$h (Featured on June Dakid’s Song “On A Hunned”) “Your Turn To Ball”.

2 responses to “1203 Music Group Presents “We Different””

  1. Love what yall building! Keep pushing, keep working hard it will pay off. This the way it’s supposed to be young black men getting things done the right way!

  2. Great track, do you guys have any other releases I can check out?

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