Fresh New Hip Hop Finds Playlist

Since social distancing began, there has been so much incredible music being released every day. I guess with the lockdowns, artist are more focused on the creation process than at any other point during recent times. With music being a passion of ours, we decided to start releasing a playlist displaying some of the artist that we have been playing the most lately. The new playlist will be on Spotify and will be know as “Fresh New Hip Hop Finds”. Our playlist will feature mostly new songs and music from artist you may not be hip to just yet. This months playlist has music from J.Cole, G-Eazy, Polo G, and many more artist with major notoriety. You will also find some music from Michigan native Jamaar, Junne, and a few other artist hovering right below the radar. I hope you enjoy the new playlist. And for those of you asking, they will also feature new music from Stilljune and other 1203 Music Group affiliates.

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