1203tv Update “Day In Tha Life”

Due to these unprecedented times, we have decided not to release an episode of “Site Views” this month. With all the emphasis on social distancing and the premise of the show being directly involved in being social, we thought it would be best to hold off on filming for a bit. As soon as we are fully aware of what is going on, we will be right back to ¬†giving you those interviews. In the meantime, we will be releasing new episodes of “Day In Tha Life”. This new show which has been around for a while will focus on our fitness expert Untouchable (Still Royal Nutrition) ¬†and his fitness Journey. You will get an in depth look at how he trains as well as the story of how fitness has refocused his life. The first episode will be debuting on Friday. We can’t wait to bring you the latest show from 1203tv.

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