1203tv Presents “Site Views” with Jaybirdsart

So we are back with another episode of 1203tv’s “Site Views”. For those of you who aren’t aware, “Site Views” is a monthly show that showcases creatives from different industries in their element. We want to bring you their story.  This month, we have the super talented Jaybirdsart. Born and raised in the District, Jaybirdsart is the artist to look for when you want something unique, creative, professional and “one of a kind”. Listen as he gives his insight on the craft, his talent and what you can expect from him in the future.

One response to “1203tv Presents “Site Views” with Jaybirdsart”

  1. Great show! Jaybird is a very talented dude! I’ll be contacting him in tge near future to get some things done.🔥💪

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