1203 TV Presents “Site Views” with HB The Engineer


1203 is always thinking of ways to give back to the culture that has done so much for us. Music has always been a driving force in the community. Its influence is seen as far as the eyes can see and it’s infectious the way it has infiltrated every facet of life. At 1203, we have watched 100’s of people who have been infected by the culture. The entrepreneurial ┬áspirit and “go get it yourself attitude” they have developed is shown in everything they do. We wanted to give people who embodied those characteristics a platform. That is how 1203tv was born. This is what we want to showcase on our first production, “Site Views”. On “Site Views”, you can find Stilljune and other surprise host interviewing people with that same entrepreneurial spirit we discussed earlier. What makes us different? We are going to the lab to give you these interviews. You will get to see where all the magic happens and hear their own unique stories of their journeys. The first episode features HB The Engineer, an audio engineer and owner of Studio Blue Room in Temple Hills, MD. HB gave an interesting spin on his journey to where he is and what you can expect when conducting business in Studio Blue Room. Check out the interview and look out for the next installment of “Site Views” next month.

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