June Da Kid “Bout A 100”

What up fam, the summer has been hot, and its not cooling down any time soon. Today I’m releasing the video for “Bout A 100” featuring B.I.G.G. Cool, Rude Boy, Chancellor, Born Undadogz and Bravo. With the help of Forgotten City Music, this was able to be one of the better collaborations I was able to set up. Check the video out and help spread the word. If you like it leave comments, like the video and tell a friend to tell a friend. This song is also on my latest release “I’m Living The Project” so if you haven’t, check that out also. Let’s Make History!!!!! And as always thank you for your support!!!!

Download “I’m Living The Project” :

6 responses to “June Da Kid “Bout A 100””

  1. This is real good. Lovin the beat. Keep up the hard work!

  2. Love the video. The beat and the verses were tight. Keep pumpin out that good music.

  3. I fucks wit it,keep dat shyt up my nigg..next time ima b featured on a hit..lol

  4. Love love your work cuzzo. You are doing a great job! The video is hot too. I let my dad check it out and he loved it!

  5. Btw I love the album! My fav’s are the intro, state of mind 2, makings, and t shirt dreams f….they are on repeat.

  6. That shit dat Fiyah !!!

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